Demi Lovato advocates for mental health reform

headshot of Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has had many ups and downs in recent years but has remained triumphant in bringing awareness to issues of mental health. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the singer has admitted to her rough times, using alcohol and illicit substances in attempts to cope with her illness. In support of the National Day of Action, Lovato called on Congress to pass a bill to help those affected by mental illness. Though not an expert on policy or politics, the singer’s message rang true to the crowd, who got to their feet in support. 

While most celebrities might try to hide their problems or struggles, Demi Lovato embraces them and tries to use her celebrity access to the media to educate others about mental illness, and based on audience reaction, it seems that her message has resonated with many people. She’s also using her celebrity to reach out to people through the Mental Health Listening and Engagement Tour

Her positivity and strength have inspired her fans and provided a face for mental illness in the hopes that one day, people will get the resources and support that they need.

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  1. Many use legal cannabis to relieve MS symptoms. Using cannabis marks us “mentally ill”, “bad parents”, ” dangers to ourself and others”, “terrorists”, and “unemployable”- by under-educated policy makers who confuse disabled parent-nouns with prohibited activity-verbs- to make a fast buck and criminalize diversity.

    Reasonable Accommodation is an idea that’s good enough for President Bush Sr to sign into law.
    The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Book of Genesis are in agreement with God.
    Discrimination is unlawful, un-American, and bad policy of under-educated, greedy policy makers.

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