DOJ launches new Elder Justice website

The words Elder Justice Initiative
Elder Justice Website Launched

The Department of Justice unveiled a new website September 8 to improve its efforts to “combat elder abuse and financial exploitation.” “The launch of the Elder Justice website today marks another milestone in reaching our shared goal of keeping older Americans safe from abuse and neglect,” said Tony West, an associate attorney general with the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, in a news release. “The more we embrace our elders with respect and care, the stronger our society will be. This tool helps move us closer to that goal.”

According to the DOJ, nearly nearly one in 10 people over 60 suffers from abuse and neglect.

Nationwide, elderly people lose an estimated $2.9 billion annually to consumer scams, health care fraud and other forms of financial exploitation.

“The website provides resources and a means for improved communication among prosecutors, supports victims and families, and establishes a mechanism for collaboration for researchers and practitioners,” said Stuart F. Delery, associate attorney general for the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, in the news release. “While there are many other victim support websites available, we believed that the department could add significant value in this domain by consolidating information nationwide and making it more user-friendly.”

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  1. I am excited about this website. The Oregon State Department of Justice has started to focus on Elder Abuse prosecutions and have even proposed to hire two assistant attorneys general dedicated solely to these types of cases. I look forward to seeing more about these elder law issues nation wide.

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