DREDF launches new video series

A leading disability advocacy group has launched a new video series, titled “Health Care Stories,” spotlighting the challenges that people with disabilities face in accessing health care.

Hospital Sign in Front of Hospital
Health care stories

The news series, part of the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund “ongoing campaign for healthcare justice for people with disabilities,” so far has 14 downloadable videos.

“Obstacles to care are still commonplace. Unfortunately, people with disabilities encounter them every day and they can have life and death consequences,” said Mary Lou Breslin, DREDF’s Senior Policy Advisor, in a news release <link no longer available>. “It’s long past time to shine a bright light on the impact of these barriers on our health and well-being and to call on policy makers, healthcare educators, and practitioners to take action.”

An August 2011 report from the DREDF, titled “Health and Health Care Disparities Among People with Disabilities,” can be read here.