Massachusetts voters reject Question 2


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Lesson title

Massachusetts voters reject Question 2

Video title, link and release date

Massachusetts voters reject Question 2; November 12, 2012

Video length

Two minutes and forty-six seconds

Grade level

High school

Video Summary

  • Massachusetts voters rejected Questions 2, an initiative that would have legalized physician assisted suicide.
  • After polling highly in the campaign season, voters narrowly rejected the measure.
  • Question 2 was modeled after existing laws in states such as Oregon and Washington State.
  • Laws require that patients go through a waiting period and have two doctors verify that the patient is mentally competent and have information on other forms of end of life care.
  • Proponents of this measure believed that the laws indicate fundamental liberty by allowing terminally ill patients a choice.

Review Questions

What was the position of Not Dead Yet and other opponents of Question 2?

What percentage was Question 2 polling at during the campaign season? What did this indicate?

How long is the waiting period under Death With Dignity laws (existent in Oregon and Washington state) for terminally ill patients who desire life ending medication?

Free Writing Journal Prompt(s)

What about this report do you have questions about?

What do you want to know more about?

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