New York AG reaches ADA settlement with bus company

The New York State Attorney General’s Office announced a legal settlement October 23 with Yankee Trails, a bus company that runs routes through the Northeast, to eliminate accessibility barriers for people with disabilities.

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Settlement Requires Accessibility

Yankee Trails allegedly required people needing travel accommodations to file written requests seven days prior to traveling. Additionally, the bus company also “demanded proof of the person’s disability, typically in the form of a handicap sticker or hanging tag, before it agreed to provide accessible transportation,” according to a news release from the Attorney General’s Office.

The settlement requires Yankees to eliminate both these barriers. It also requires the bus company to provide training for employees on ADA compliance.

“Equal access to transportation is essential to ensuring that people with disabilities across our state are able to work, attend school, seek medical attention and enjoy a full and independent life,” said Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman in a statement. “This agreement helps put other companies on notice that violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act will not be tolerated.”

The NY Attorney General’s Office began investigating bus companies for ADA compliance in 2011. In June, it reached a similar settlement with another Northeast bus company, East Coach.