Settlement proposed in Disney class action

Disney will equip its theme parks with Braille maps, service animal relief areas and  expanded parade viewing areas for people with disabilities, among other accommodations, under a legal settlement proposed April 23.

Disneyland Flags

Three individuals with visual disabilities filed a class action action lawsuit against Disney in May 2010, alleging that the entertainment giant was violating a range of Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. The class action lawsuit was later broken down into four separate sets of claims, for alleged ADA violations relating to Disney’s website, communication services, service animal policies and infrastructure.

The settlement requires Disney to ensure that all its websites are compatible with screen readers and in compliance with other federal accessibility regulations. It also requires Disneyland and Disneyworld to provide accommodations relating to its schedules, restaurant menus, and other services essential for people with visual disabilities to enjoy the parks’ full range of activities.

Service fees and other arbitrary obstacles to the service animals for people with disabilities will also be removed. Likewise, Disney is also required to eliminate certain physical barriers.

Most of the accommodations must be made within one year of when the settlement becomes effective, though certain accommodations contain longer extensions.

The settlement does not require Disney to admit to any wrongdoing of previous ADA violations.

The agreement is now waiting approval from the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.