The recent wave of gorgeous prosthetics continues

Prosthetics manufacturing is a creative field constantly unveiling new designs and challenging traditional ideas of artificial limbs. We’ve talked before about Aimee Mullins and her twelve pairs of legs – now I’d like to draw your attention to one of the architects of this new type of prosthetic, Christopher Snell. Having taken over the family business, Snell’s Limbs and Braces, Christopher focuses on making beautiful, personalized, and aesthetically-pleasing prosthetics, with an emphasis on being low-cost and affordable. Unlike some of Mullins’ legs, crafted specifically for runway use or to appear on the covers of magazines, the products made by Snell’s are available and accessible to the average person. And the designs are incredible, as demonstrated in a video of Snell’s “SteamPunk Prosthesis”, which went viral late this August. View the news story below to learn more about Christopher and Snell’s, and the motivations behind the business.

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