Parenting Without Pity: Call for Stories

Rooted in Rights is partnering with disabled parents to tell our stories as part of Parenting without Pity –  a storytelling resource of podcasts, videos and blogs that honors the experience and knowledge of disabled parents. 

This is a space for disabled parents to talk about our experiences as disabled people, and to offer compassionate and frank advice and guidance to non-disabled parents of disabled children.

Are you a disabled parent? Please share your story!

  • If your story is selected to be published on our blog, we will ask that you sign a writers contract and work with our blog editor on revisions. You will receive a stipend of $150.
  • If we select your story to make a video, we will record a 30 minute video chat interview with you, and ask you to send us some photos or videos of yourself and your family. You will receive a stipend of $50.