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1. In a court case that is drawing national attention, a woman with an intellectual disability may be forced to terminate her pregnancy against the wishes of her Catholic adoptive parents. The woman, a 32-year old whose name is being withheld from the public due to privacy matters, was living in a group home when she became pregnant.

The group home stated that the woman had been known to disappear for hours or sometimes days and would have sex with men at truck stops, so it is hard for them to determine if the baby was conceived by rape or by consent.

The woman has been said to have the mental abilities of a six year old, which has been the main point offered in the side of those who would prefer her to have an abortion. Doctors who have testified in court have varied on whether or not she could continue the pregnancy, with some saying that in her state-she also has epilepsy and bipolar disorder-, carrying the baby to term would be a very risky move.

Other doctors argue that any pregnancy or termination is a risky decision. After you’re done reading about the case, you can weigh in on the comment section below, at the bottom of this column. Found on the Disability Scoop Facebook page.

2. Tammy Duckworth became the first ever female veteran with war caused disabilities elected to the House of Representatives on November 6th, 2012. Duckworth, the Representative-elect from Illinois, lost both of her legs due to injuries that she sustained while fighting in the Iraq War. Her opponent, Joe Walsh, gained infamous attention after slamming Duckworth for reportedly talking about her tour of duty too much.

“True heroes don’t talk about it,” Walsh has said. Duckworth has fired back in response by saying that she was “proud to have lived up to my responsibilities in uniform, that I lived up to my responsibilities as a public servant.” Welcome to the House, Tammy Duckworth! Found on the Talking Points Memo webpage. Originally found on the tracked tags of Tumblr.

3. In Broward, Florida, a bus attendant has been arrested for aggravated child abuse after he apparently choked an autistic boy with his safety harness on the bus. The surveillance camera on the bus, which recorded the incident, shows the boy, who had urinated on himself earlier, touching his urine and then trying to reach back and touch Darryl Blue, the bus attendant. However, a large portion of the video also showed the boy screaming that he was hurt and trying to stop the man from choking him.

A spokesperson from Broward schools has stated that Blue has been reassigned within the Transportation Department to a position that doesn’t involve students pending on the outcome from the investigation. After you have read more about the alleged assault, you can weigh in on the comment section below. What do you think should happen to Blue? Found on the MSN homepage.

4. A judge has decided to allow a class-action lawsuit against New York City due to a failure in addressing the needs of people with disabilities in planning for emergencies or disasters. The lawsuit, which was filed after the Tropical Storm Irene, has lawyers and citizens alike stating that there were large gaps in the city’s plans to accommodate people with disabilities at city shelters or to evacuate them from high waters.

Judge Jesse M. Furman of Federal District Court in Manhattan has claimed that the impact from Hurricane Sandy helped gained support for the granting of the class-action status to the plaintiffs, which would be the approximately 900,000 people with disabilities living in New York City. A senior city lawyer named Martha Calhoun has stated that the claims were “patently false” and that the city would “vigorously defend” the case at trial. Found on the New York Times webpage.

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